Friday, January 27, 2017

Electronic Notary (E-Notary)

Electronic Notary (E-Notary)
In today’s world of globalization, technology and the internet it is difficult for any organization or profession to remain in a ‘pen and paper’ based world when it comes to the running of their organization or profession. The role of the Notary Public is no different. At present documents that require a notary stamp and seal are manually stamped and verified. Our Law Firm's Founder Barrister M. R. I. Chowdhury is the pioneer of E-Notary Service in Bangladesh.
  • E-Notary is a Notary Public who notarizes documents electronically.
  • One of the methods employed by e-Notaries is the use of a digital signature and digital notary seal to notarize digital documents and validate with a digital certificate.
The only differences between traditional notary and e-notary are the tools that are involved. All notarial acts remain the same except the introduction of electronic signature, electronic notary stamps, and Video-Audio technology. Personal appearance, positive identification, and required notarial acts are still utilized with online notarization.
We can attest or authenticate any instrument or execute any affidavit through online intended to take effect in any country or place outside Bangladesh in such form and language as may conform to the law of the place where such deed is intended to operate.

Is Electronic Notary (E-Notary) legal in Bangladesh?
Yes! The present IT legislation authorizes Digital / Electronic Signature and Electronic Record as admissible evidences. Therefore, Bangladeshi Notary Public with prior approval from competent authority who notarize any signature, administer oath to, or take affidavit from any person regardless of location, using Video-Audio technology is legal and valid.
We will start E-Notary service once we complete legal procedure and set up legal technology. Our E-notary fee will be depends on the number and type of documents to be notarized. Please Contact us on 88-01976-212225 for details.

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    For USA immigrant visa requirement all the civil documents need law and foreign ministry affairs seal including notary public?